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“Partners” in… Magic!

We have carefully selected Professionals & Agencies who offer simply the best, in small groups or private, with no hidden extras! Out of many here in Santorini, they stand out for their expertise, professionalism & amazing service to our guests! All you have to do is pick the one(s) you want and tell us your preferred dates/time. We will check availability and confirm your reservation on your behalf. If you choose to book online on your own, please remember to mention that you are referred by Hara’s houses.


They love us, so they will love you too :-)

Catamaran Sailing Cruises [Private or Semi-Private up to 16-20 guests max]

Morning or Sunset, an experience of pure magic, sailing on a luxurious catamaran, around the most unique places of the Santorini volcanic caldera! Discover wondrous landscapes, crystal clear blue waters, caves and bays only reachable by boat.


DAYTIME around 10:00-15:00
SUNSET around 15:00-20:00

4hr / PREMIUM (Daytime only)

Full meal, including appetizers, salads, BBQ, fruit, dessert, local wine & beverages

  • Low Season
    Semi-Private: 100(without beers) or 135 /pp (including beers)
    Private: 1000€ /up to 4 guests +115€/pp extra

  • High Season
    Semi-Private: 120(without beers)  or 155€ /pp (including  beers)
    Private: 1300€ /up to 4 guests +115€/pp extra

5hr / STANDARD (Semi-Private only) 

Simple meal with greek salad, snacks, pasta, local wine & soft drinks

  • Low Season
    110€ -115€ /pp 

  • High Season
    130€ /pp



Full meal, including appetizers, salads, BBQ, fruit, dessert, local wine & beverages

  • Low Season
    Semi-Private: 140-150€ /pp
    Private: 1200€ /up to 4 guests +115€/pp extra

  • High Season
    Semi-Private: 160-170€ /pp
    Private: 1500€ /up to 4 guests +
    115€/pp extra


Full meal, including appetizers, salads, BBQ, fruit, dessert, local wines & beverages

  • Low Season
    Semi-Private: 175€ /pp
    Private: 1500€ /up to 4 guests +115€/pp extra

  • High Season
    Semi-Private: 195€ /pp
    Private: 1800€ /up to 4 guests +115€/pp extra

All cruises include:

- Transfers with luxurious AC minivan to/from our hotel to the marina

- Captain, Hostess, Crew

- Guided tour

- Towels on board

- Snorkeling & Safety equipment

- Taxes & Port authority fees, Fuel, Full insurance

Recommended Agencies:

(If you book online please mention “referred by HARA’S HOUSES”)



Private & Guided Island Road Tours

Experience the local culture, traditions & history, engage into the island’s insights and discover every corner of Santorini.

  1. Oia Panoramic Scenes
    Highlights: Firostefani village, Imerovigli village, Oia village.


  2. Classic Santorini Panorama
    Highlights: Megalochori Traditional Settlement, Lighthouse, Wine farm, Perivolos Black & Red Beach, Prophet Elias Monastery (island’s highest point), Oia Village


  3. Cultural Villages Sightseeing
    Highlights: Pyrgos Historic Village, Megalochori traditional settlement, Emporio village, Akrotiri village, The Lighthouse, Local family farm


  4. Non Touristy
    Highlights: Akrotiri Archaeological Site, Tomato Industrial Museum, Vlichada beach, Emporio Castle, The Windmills, Hatzidakis Vineyards (complimentary wine tasting)


  5. Wine Adventure
    Highlights: Visit to 3 renowned local wineries with wine tasting of 12 varieties accompanied by local products.


  6. Santorini Tailor-made
    Highlights: Flexible Itinerary created just for our guests!

















All tours include:

  • Transfers to/from our hotel

  • Smooth & comfortable transportation in spacious, deluxe AC vehicles.

  • English speaking guide/driver

  • Refreshing wet hand tissues, Cold bottled water, Map & information

  • All admission fees and wine charges

  • Safety equipment & measures against covid-19

Recommended Agency:

(If you book online please mention “referred by HARA’S HOUSES”)



In-House Massage treatments
60’ min > €100/pp      |      90’ min > €130/pp

Relax on a professional massage bed with serene music at your own terrace or inside! Therapies -offered by Certified Massage Therapist- are specifically tailored to your individual needs with the focus on the areas you wish. Each therapy is a combination of many styles and techniques - to get the best results. Aromatherapy is included free into every session (unless you don’t want).


Japanese technique for stress reduction, relaxation & healing. It’s administered by “laying on hands” to channel a life force energy that flows through us. It treats the whole person, including body, emotions, mind & spirit, creating many beneficial effects including feeling of peace, security & well-being.


The most commonly used form of massage. Increasing the circulation of blood and lymph, it cleanses & nourishes soft tissues, relaxes the muscles, calms the nervous system, firms up muscles, improves range of motion & sense of well-being, relieves stress, depression & anxiety.


Perfect for people who suffer from tiredness, both physical & mental. Soothes everyday worries and regenerates lost strength. Relieve tension, restore the overall balance of the body and promote the smooth circulation of energies. Ideal for relieving accumulated stress and reducing muscle fatigue.


Therapy that focuses on the deep layers of muscles & fascia. It is used to break down muscle "knots" or adhesions that can disrupt circulation and cause pain. It is especially helpful for chronic aches and contracted areas such as a stiff neck, back pains, leg muscle tightness & sore shoulders.


Frequent flying or little sleep can be challenging for your biological clock. Exclusive combination of whole body massage, with the stimulation of reflex points will help the body recuperate, balance energy flow, and enhance the quality of your sleep. Works wonders for the mind.


Performed with the use of greater pressure & energy than the classical one. It’s important for people who train sports as it takes care of correct body function. It relaxes muscles, prevents muscle sores & eliminates effects of overtraining.


Uses no oils. The recipient remains clothed during a treatment and will be positioned in a variety of yoga-like positions, combined with deep static & rhythmic pressures. Removes tension from muscles and joints, enhances flexibility, delivers energy, removes pain, improves sleep quality, balances the mind & relaxes the body.


Gives a number of results and can be either relaxing or energizing, depending on the needs of client. It removes toxins, firms skin, brings very deep relaxation. Recommended to people with very active lifestyle, who expects both physical & mental relaxation with skin care.


Combines the properties of essential oils in order to relax the body & mind by stimulating the senses. Essential oils rejuvenate the skin and stimulate blood circulation. This treatment has a long lasting effect because the oils penetrate deep into the skin and continues working long after.


Two people can enjoy massage at the same time, with 2 therapists, side-by-side. Massages are tailored to the individual needs of each person. Each person can get a different type of massage – depending on preferences. Wonderful bonding experience.

Recommended Agency:

(If you book online please mention “referred by HARA’S HOUSES”)

Text us your preferred activities, dates/time, we check availability & reserve for you :-)


whatsapp: +30 693 2269310

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