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It's a personal thing.

Haras houses cave hotel in Santorini

The land was bought in late 1980s when Santorini was still a quiet volcanic island in the Aegean sea.

Some years later, careful and meticulous construction started that took a decade to complete due to the peculiarities of the terrain and the difficulties to access the almost vertical land on the edge of the cliff. 


The owners visit regularly and worship their Santorini homes. They wish for their guests to feel the ambience and serenity of this exceptional part of the world and to create amazing memories from their stay at Hara’s houses.

Cliff Hotel in Santorini with pool

What OUR GUESTS are saying...

"This place is HEAVEN!!!!!!!!! Don't even bother reading any reviews and just book immediately because this place has made me happier than I have EVER been. Its just amazing and makes you wonder what business you have being in any other part of the world. Leaving is painful! When you are inside the house, its like the world falls silent and its just you and the astonishing view. I don't like returning to the same places when I vacation, but I honestly think I will be staying at Santorini, here in these houses, at least once a year. I think it is the best therapy anyone could ever prescribe. Simply amazing!"



Haras houses amazing host manager


Our Manager and Host.

The soul of Hara's houses.

Always ready to welcome you, give you local tips, arrange and book your transfers, activities, events,  or even help with your special requests…

Haras houses porter


Our Porter.

Guests call him


Up and down the steps, helping with your luggage, looking after the property, making sure all is in place! 

Haras houses Cleaning Lady


Our Cleaning Lady.

Discreet and quiet,

always with a smile,

making up your house and outside areas daily.

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